Oval Makeup Brush Set & Hair Crimper

I’m FINALLY doing my very first makeup tutorial for you guys.  This is generally how I wear my makeup.  A dewy finish, shimmery eyes and a nice bold lip is usually my go-to look.

I will be using an oval brush set from “My Makeup Brush Set.” The variety in sizes and shapes in this set makes my makeup application nice and easy.  I love that the brushes blend the product without absorbing too much of it. All of the makeup details are listed below.

And I just came across this 3 prong curling iron and I have been dying to try it out.  I was expecting sexy, glam “S” waves but it crimped my hair and left me with natural, beachy texture.

I was able to rock the crimps all week and they seemed to look nicer the messier they got. They weren’t as voluminous as the texture I achieved with the zig-zag curling iron, but I loved the effortless vibes!

Flattening each section between my fingers with a strong hold hairspray helped me achieve prominent ridges.

Makeup Details:

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