Glam Waves: Hot Roller Set

Full out Glam hair calls for a full out roller set!

This placement is easy to follow with any tool of choice.  You can mimic this pattern with a curling iron, Velcro rollers, and hot rollers. I will be demonstrating this glam do’ using Hot Rollers.

Hot rollers are great for setting your hair into place for a long lasting, voluminous hair style. Creating an “S” shape and soft movement is the signature goal of any roll out set.

I recommend using a medium hold hairspray or setting spray to create some friction on your hair.  This will help prevent it from sliding as you wrap your hair onto the slippery roller.

Wrapping the ends nice and smooth around the roller is one of the main things that will help you achieve the perfect end result.  Using a tail comb to tuck the ends as you roll is a simple technique to insure smooth ends.

Each section that we roll onto the roller should be roughly the same width and height of the roller. Don’t forget to hold each section nice and high before wrapping it around the roller for maximum volume.

Tease, shape, spray and be GLAM.

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