Curly Hair Routine With: Curl Keeper

nO teasing

nO curling wands/irons

nO flaking or buildup

nO wet, crispy finish


I have been on the hunt for a new curly hair routine and I finally got my hands on a water based formula that leaves me with a flexible hold and natural finish.  All of the Curl Keeper products are pH balanced for all curl types, and they are safe for kids!

I never have to think twice when running my fingers through my hair or throwing my hair up in the bun. The products are moldable, light and airy.  They don’t flake or get crispy so I am free to flip away.

The products give me great hold without the sticky, greasy, or oily feeling. The are 100% oil and silicon free.  This allows me to simply reactivate the product through out the week with just a spray of water.



I prep my curls with the light weight detangler. Shake well, spray, wait 30 seconds for it to absorb into your cuticle and deTANGLE.



I apply this to my roots where my hair is the frizziest. It has a playable finish and gives me the option of tying my hair up without flaking.



I apply the gel to my mid-shaft and ends. These are the areas that rub against my clothes and get flipped around the most. The strong hold gel doesn’t look crispy or wet!



The hairspray in cream form refreshes my curls through out the week. I use it to touch up any flyaways or flat areas by rubbing it in between 2 fingers and applying it to the frizzy spots.



For the days I want a quick wash and go I sprits the salt spray into towel dried hair and let it dry naturally. The spray draws moisture from the air to create volume and bounce. Ideal for humid days!

The light airy products give me the option to heat style big voluminous hair or have more laid back vibes with a quick heatless style.  I can tie my hair up, flip it around, and not have to worry about re-doing all week.


Loves it!

Curl Keeper (click to open link)

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Curl Keeper. The opinions and content are all mine.

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